MINUS- Acoustics


-Minus soundproofing systems provide a sound reduction from -40DB up to -60DB.

  • High performance solutions for Music studiod & Venues - 60 DB Plus some.
  • Standard solutons for commercial and residential -50db.
  • Part E regulation day to day noise -40db.


Professsional acoustic solution for music studios,venues and offices will absorb the fequency in the space to create a more enjoyable environment.

  • ABSORB 60 will absorb 60% of sound frequencies.
  • ABSORB 40 will absorb 40% of sound frequencies.
  • ABSORB PLUS can be added to any of the above systems to add 20 db reduction in sound.

What we do

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We supply and install soundproofing solutions for music stduios, venues, commercial and resedential properties.

Acoustic Stretch

Stretch fabric acousitc ceilings and feature walls providing astentically pleasing installations that will improve the enjoyment of your environment.


we offer design for studio ,home theatres and venue to make your space look and sound amazing.


We supply and install acoustic solutions that absorb 40-60% of frequency within a environment. Music studios, venues,restaurants, offices.

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